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About Us

Andrew "AJ" Finch
Head Mechanic, Owner

AJ's love for cars started long before he opened On The Road Again, LLC. Around the age of 12, alongside his father, he started learning how to repair cars. The interest slowly grew into a passion and while he was still attending high school, he started taking automotive classes. From there he has continued to learn through various training courses throughout his career. Because vehicles are continuously changing and developing new technology, AJ attends monthly classes to keep him up to date on new technology and tools needed to diagnose and correct the latest vehicle. His commitment to being a full-service repair shop is shown through his dedication to ​​​continuously learn. He is ASE certified in, HVAC, Computer Diagnostic, Gas Engine Performance and completed successful training in Diesels.​

Prior to opening On The Road Again Auto Repair, LLC, AJ worked at several local shops throughout the Midlands. In an effort to provide more for his family and fulfill his dream of owning his own business, AJ decided to go to work independently as a Mobile Mechanic. While this was rewarding and helped to build a customer base, crawling on the wet, cold ground while replacing an engine, gave him the incentive to open a shop.  From there,  as they say, the rest is history.

Shantal Finch
Service Advisor

When AJ first came to his wife, Shantal, and expressed that he wanted to open a shop, she was hesitant. She was pregnant with their second child and she had just stopped working in anticipation of adding another person to their family.  There were a lot of unknowns and she was not sure that it was the right time to put everything on the line.  However, she had faith in her husband and said "Okay, let's do this!"  The process of finding a shop was difficult, everything they looked at was either a long commute from their home or it wasn't fit enough to put their name on.  Then, in almost perfect timing, the shop on Frink Street became available.   Being a short commute from their home and in good condition, it felt like this was where they were supposed to be.  Once they opened up shop, instead of hiring someone to do the office and business side, Shantal jumped in with both feet and hasn't looked back.  

While it has been a crazy ride, she has commited to learn the ins and outs of this business.  She has even picked up a few handy lessons like oil changes and brake jobs, but she will leave the majority of those for AJ!  Opening On the Road Again Auto Repair, LLC has taught her a lot, but mostly to have faith!